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Airway Orthodontics

Orthodontics for Airway Development


A Perfect Smile

Behind that smile is the knowledge that you gave yourself or your child the opportunity for the longest possible life, free of pain. Thoughtful, in-depth analysis of your or your child’s anatomy, physiology and neurology is the only way to accurately predict the outcome of treatment. Straightening teeth and making a beautiful smile is the easy part. Being sure that the final position of the jaws that carry that new beautiful smile is the tricky part. Traditional orthodontic treatment plans do not account for the breath, posture and spine, neurological balance and muscle function that are necessary to ensure whole body wellness.

Orthodontics centered around breathing is part of the cure for children who snore or have apnea and can prevent in children who don’t. An astounding correlation of 70% of children who snore have obstructive sleep apnea. Children with OSA can be frequently diagnosed as having ADHD and placed on medication when in fact their problems are being caused by sleep deprivation. Dr. Walker can evaluate the need to intercept the growth patterns that are developing from mouth breathing and obstructed breathing. Children’s bodies are constantly changing and can be guided to grow in the most favorable pattern: lips closed with open nasal airways. This provides the best opportunity for ideal balance, posture, internal wellness from the start.

Perhaps you had previous orthodontic treatment and lost your retainers, or weren’t told you need to wear them for life. Perhaps you have always wanted that little overbite corrected, or that pesky little overlap right in front. Ask Dr. Walker if Invisalign or clear braces would be right for you. As for airway improvement, treatment may be limited or need adjective therapies, considering growth and development are complete.


Looking for an alternative to braces?
Dr. Walker can evaluate if Invisalign® is right for you.